It's a lifestyle, not just a brand...

ModernDayHippie Couture is created and operated in South Florida. We believe that the Power of Love can spark a change in our youth. Together, our goal is to create a more peaceful atmosphere. Our vision is to have Modern Day Hippies marching hand in hand against the horizon, hearts filled with love, and ready to take over the world. This is something that we cannot do alone. We want to positively affect society, while coexisting as one race. Transforming each person soul by soul into a Modern Day Hippie. Our clothing line is a reflection of what hippie’s represented in the 1970's, we are socially and environmentally conscious.Our lifestyle is more than just clothes, its a brand where we want to spread peace and love throughout the globe. There would be no hippies if there was no peace, and we can’t be at peace if there is no love in our hearts.This revolutionary way of life will always demonstrate how love and peace go hand in hand when it comes to being a Modern Day Hippie.